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The Cleveland Stables arena is a purpose built 30x60 all weather arena. The surface is a mix of lime, beach sand, and rubber. This mix keeps the arena at the perfect consistency all year round, it is nice and spongey for the young ones to learn to jump on yet firm enough for horses to jump big tracks with ease.

The arena is well maintained and groomed on a regular basis. Our arena is filled with a complete set of Jump4Joy show jumps. Including various fillers, liverpools, pickets, hanging planks, cavelettis and various bright coloured poles. The jumps are also extremely lightweight which makes them easy to move and not too hard on horses legs. 
The barn
Our barn includes:
  • Three rubber fully lined large boxes filled with AHD shavings with fenced windows inside
  • Large feed room with feed bins
  • Large room (fully lined) to store hay all year round – fits over 200 bales
  • Fully lined large tack room
  • Cover racks-  Kitchenette with water and coffee facilities
Yard block
Our yard block is a new build on the property, finished in 2020 - it includes:
  • 4 large covered yards, post and rail with large water troughs and filled with AHD shavings.
  • A large truck bay 
  • 3 crosstie bays, rubber matting underfoot, breakaway ties and with wash down facilities. Used for tacking up, washing down, farrier ect.
  • 2 small post and rail flat holding paddocks with shade. 
  • Cover racks-  Kitchenette with water and coffee facilities
There is also room at the yard block to turn around floats/cars.  All of our yard area is surrounded by lime footing, and lime paths lead you from the yard block to the arena or fork off to the river and paddocks. The lime paths provide excellent footing for the horses to prevent hoof injuries as it is dry and hard, also a great surface for trotting up.
We have 25 acres of paddocks across our property, all with equine safe fencing and have excellent drainage and grass growth year-round. There are two front paddocks which overlook the arena, 2 slightly sloping paddocks behind those, and three large paddocks that lead you to the windmills out the back, these paddocks are perfect for winter turn out as they are all equine safe. All our paddocks are able to be electrified, are checked regularly, mucked out twice a day and are cross grazed with sheep to keep them in perfect condition.
Hacking land
Our paddocks are also suitable for hacking out, the rolling hills provide excellent land for fitness training during summer while there is no livestock being grazed in them. There is a path that leads all the way up and then plenty of space to exercise horses.